Wonderful girl, her attitude and conduct of the meeting are beyond praise.

I will briefly describe my date with this beauty, I called and asked standard questions - location, role, etc. I received answers to all my questions, she was patient and friendly, then I got ready and went.

I don't know about the rest, but already before entering the entrance my heart begins to pound in anticipation of the meeting itself and who will be behind the door of the apartment and how glad I was when I saw her, a petite beauty, in expensive lingerie with a playful look.

I was lucky, because I already established contact over the phone, she said that she liked her, so I got genuine passion during sex, I tried it in the passive - everything is neat, narrow, she tries to wave during the process, while she has a stake, I wanted to try it when cum in mouth, she made her dream come true.

I am not a frequent visitor to such wonderful ladies, but she is definitely the best in my top.

Take care of yourself beauty!
Марго Response: Thank you for your honest review))) Always glad to see you!!!)