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About me

Purebred Estonian. I don’t like long correspondence, I answer calls personally! I meet adequate and generous men who value true beauty and value their time and comfort! I work individually, I have no girlfriends or pimps, I live alone! My photos are 100% real!


Estonian purebred. Long letters are not my thing, and I personally return calls. I meet decent, kind men that value their time and comfort while appreciating true beauty! I work by myself; I don't have any girlfriends or pimps; and I live alone. My photos are entirely real.


  • Parameters
    • Age: 22 years old
    • Height: 5'10"
    • Size of clothing: M
    • Weight: 143 lbs
    • Breast: C
    • Dick: 7.5"
  • Prices
  • In call
    • 1 hour — CA$227
  • Out call
    • 2 hours — CA$758
Escort services
  • non-professional massage
  • anal sex
  • anal stimulation
  • anal fisting
  • deep blowjob
  • couple services
  • condomless blowjob
  • group sex
  • cum in the mouth
  • cum on your face
  • vaginal fisting
  • anal fisting
  • light domination
  • outing
  • escort
Languages spoken
  • Русский
  • English


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